IBM’s WeaveSphere conference will focus on Web3 in November

IBM’s Center for Advance Studies (CAS) and Evoke’s joint technology conference WeaveSphere has adopted the motto “Evolving Technology for the Future” and will focus on blockchain, crypto, Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse along with various other topics like AI and Fintechs.

The conference will be held in Toronto between the 15th and 17th of November. It is expected to host 200 speakers,  150 startups, and over 5,000 participants. The executive producer of WeaveSphere, Patrick Kasebzarif, described the purpose of the conference and said:

“WeaveSphere aims to build a bridge between academia, research, and the industry to help accelerate innovation, spark new ideas and create connections for academics, researchers, developers, founders, investors, and industry leaders to help achieve their common goals of changing business and society through technology,”

The first WeaveSphere event was held in 1991, which marks this year’s event as the 32nd. The event will include technical talks, workshops, pitch competitions, research presentations, and awards programs.

SWIFT Hackathon

Another industry giant that turned to the Web3 sphere is the global payment network SWIFT.

Adopting a similar approach to IBM, SWIFT decided to focus its 2022 Hackathon on the Web3 area to bring the brightest minds in the field together and spark innovation.

SWIFT said that digital assets are a vital topic for everyone in the industry, and many leading forces in the market are already working on it. Therefore, SWIFT’s 2022 Hackathon will meet between the 6th and 23rd of September to motivate innovation in interoperability and ownership.

Under interoperability, participants will search for solutions that offer faster and cheaper coin-to-coin and tokenized single transactions. Under ownership, on the other hand, the attendees will look into the topics of traceability of ownership across multiple chains.

Bear market to build

Many crypto executives have talked about the coldest winter market in the crypto industry and explained why they were bullish on innovation and building.

In the early days of the winter market, Blockworks’ co-founder Jason Yanowitz posted a thread on his Twitter account to summarize the three stages of the bear markets. He names the final stage “Bottomless Exhaustion.”

He says that this is where fallen prices are solidified, and there are no new movements in the market. Yanowitz acknowledges that this is the stage that’ll make most people want to leave; however, he strongly suggests doing the opposite.

He says:

“If you’re a company, do whatever it takes to get through. If you’re a builder, stay interested. Find other builders. Buidl with them. If you’re an investor, develop your own theses. Take bets on people you believe in.”

According to Yanowitz, the winter markets are the times to remember why we started and focus on building projects that offer real value.

Prominent crypto executives also agree with Yanowitz. Many argue that the winter market will eliminate the projects that don’t offer real value.

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