Cardano Foundation Doubles Reward Offered to Hackers for Uncovering Bugs on Its Blockchain

The Cardano Foundation recently said it has doubled the payout offered to hackers and bounty hunters that identify bugs or vulnerabilities within the Cardano blockchain. The foundation said the six-week promotion, which... Read more »

What determines the Bitcoin price?

Various factors impacting Bitcoin’s price include the supply and demand of BTC, competition from other cryptocurrencies and news, cost of production and regulation. Supply and demand Those with a background in economics... Read more »

MicroStrategy Continues Bitcoin Accumulation Amid Market Slump

Key Takeaways MicroStrategy has disclosed that it purchased an additional 480 Bitcoin between May 3 and Jun. 28. The firm now holds 129,699 Bitcoin. The number one crypto is currently sitting at... Read more »

Crypto hacks are declining in numbers but increasing in damage

Cryptocurrency hacks have been significantly decreasing in numbers since the beginning of the year. According to the latest research from BestBrokers, the industry saw 64 security breaches by mid-June — a sharp... Read more »

Senator Indira Kempis Proposes Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender in Mexico

Indira Kempis, senator of the Mexican Congress, has proposed a bill that would make bitcoin legal tender in the country. The bill bases its action on the hardships that Mexican citizens are... Read more »

Mapping the next phase of the crypto journey

A new financial system; a more democratized, even more inclusive, financial sector; the future of the internet — the crypto ecosystem has been described as all of these things. However, as is... Read more »

Polygon, Fantom Users Targeted in Ankr Gateway Hack

Share this article The hack produced a popup window that encouraged Polygon and Fantom users to enter their wallet seed phrase.  Hackers Compromise Gateways to Polygon, Fantom Two Ankr RPC gateways for... Read more »

Huobi founder looking to sell shares amid company downsizing

Global exchange giant Huobi‘s founder and CEO Leon Li is reportedly looking to sell his more than 50% stake in the company as the exchange struggles on the revenue front after banning... Read more »

Mining Ban Sparks Negative Reactions From Iran’s Crypto Community

The recently reintroduced seasonal ban on cryptocurrency mining has provoked backlash from the local crypto community. This week, the country’s power distribution company ordered miners to suspend activities citing electricity shortages during... Read more »

Bitcoin trader says expect more chop, downside, then sideways price action for BTC this summer

Discussion of the state of the crypto market has been a dominant headline over the past few weeks as non-crypto native media excoriate Bitcoin (BTC) and DeFi investors for investing in assets with... Read more »