What can we see in web4 that we’re missing in web3?

The following is a guest post from Anndy Lian. The more I speak and advise on crypto and blockchain matters, the more I think there is a gap between what decentralization is... Read more »

Data on Taproot Ordinals points to higher Bitcoin fees, chain bloat

A Taproot Wizard jpeg was mined into the Bitcoin blockchain on Feb. 1, sparking debate on the appropriate use of network resources, particularly inefficiencies due to increased block size. This was possible thanks... Read more »

A16z 15M bloc vote against Uniswap BNB Chain deployment raises decentralization concerns

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) voted against the deployment of decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap (UNI) on the BNB Chain via Wormhole. The crypto investment firm placed its 15 million UNI holdings against the proposal... Read more »

BTC long-term HODLers hit all-time high as Bitcoiners refuse to sell

Data from Glassnode analyzed by CryptoSlate indicates that long-term Bitcoin holders have hit an all-time high, with a focus on Bitcoin that was previously active 2+ and 5+ years ago. The cohort of... Read more »

FBI seizes $260k of assets including ETH, Bored Ape following ZachXBT tip

The FBI has seized more than $260,000 of assets, including NFTs and cryptocurrency, according to a forfeiture document published by the agency on Feb. 4. That document says that the FBI seized... Read more »

Is the crypto bottom in? On-chain says yes, macro says pain occurs after the fed pause

Introduction The collapse of Terra (LUNA) in June 2022 was the spark that ignited a fire that kept devouring the crypto market. The chain reaction of prominent industry players bankrupting continued throughout... Read more »

W3E announces a new series of Web3 Esport tournaments

W3E, the Web3 esports organizer that hosted the world’s first live Web3 esports tournament at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022, recently announced a series of three tournaments, W3E Creator Championships, W3E Company Clash... Read more »

BTC price surge increases miner profitability, indicating market bottom

Glassnode data analyzed by CryptoSlate analysts suggests that rising Bitcoin (BTC) price also increases miner profitability and revenue, which have been historical pointers for market bottoms. CryptoSlate looked into the Difficulty Regression... Read more »

Logan Paul faces class-action lawsuit over failed CryptoZoo NFT project

A class action lawsuit was filed against YouTube influencer Logan Paul and his associates over the failed crypto project CryptoZoo, according to a Feb. 2 court filing. A Texas resident Don Holland... Read more »

Ray Dalio gives his take on building a better Bitcoin

Founder of Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio said, “I don’t think Bitcoin is it” when it comes to effective money. The famed investor instead proposed an inflation-linked coin that would retain its purchasing... Read more »