2022 in Review: the Top 10 Crypto Moments of the Year

Key Takeaways The crypto ecosystem shed $2 trillion in market value and lost several major players in 2022, but it didn’t die. Terra, Three Arrows Capital, FTX, and a host of other... Read more »

No, Wrapped Ethereum Isn’t In Trouble. Here’s Why

Key Takeaways Crypto Twitter has been sharing jokes about wETH being exploited or losing its peg. At least one media publication—Bloomberg—took the jokes at face value. Wrapped Ethereum does not have a... Read more »

2022 in Review: the Top Five NFT Drops of the Year

Key Takeaways The NFT market experienced a slump with the rest of crypto in 2022, but some collections stood out from the pack. Yuga Labs’ Otherside mint raised a record-breaking $310 million... Read more »

Curve Whipsaws 75% as DeFi Degens Squeeze Avraham Eisenberg 

Share this article CRV has experienced a 75% swing after self-described “applied game theorist” Avraham Eisenberg launched a plan to short the token that appears to have backfired.  Curve Whale Games One... Read more »

Who Is the FTX Hacker? On-Chain Clues Shed Light on the Situation 

Key Takeaways FTX was hacked on November 12 following the exchange’s bankruptcy filing. The Securities Commission of The Bahamas claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it ordered the transfer of the funds... Read more »

LFG Audit Claims Do Kwon Didn’t Steal Terra Funds—but Can It Be Trusted?

Key Takeaways A new third-party audit of the Luna Foundation Guard has been released. The report claims that LFG used its $2.8 billion of funds in an attempt to shore up UST’s... Read more »

MetaMask Could Soon Launch Its Token Airdrop. Here’s How to Prepare

Key Takeaways MetaMask seems to be moving toward decentralization, which could suggest that an airdrop is on the horizon. Using MetaMask in different ways and interacting with ConsenSys-linked projects could help increase... Read more »

FTX Fraud: Who Are Sam Bankman-Fried’s Biggest Victims?

Key Takeaways The collapse of FTX is already going down as one of the most severe crypto-related frauds in history. Over the course of a week, Sam Bankman-Fried’s carefully-curated empire was shattered... Read more »

Crypto Traders Are Flocking to DeFi After FTX Exchange Implosion

Key Takeaways The decentralized futures platform GMX has seen an increase in use following the collapse of FTX. Last week, GMX registered a new all-time daily high trading volume of $1.17 billion.... Read more »

Why Was Cosmos Hub’s ATOM 2.0 Proposal Rejected?

Key Takeaways A hotly contested vote saw the Cosmos Hub community rejecting the proposal to implement the ATOM 2.0 whitepaper. 37.99% of the tokens voted “NoWithVeto,” signaling strong pushback from the community.... Read more »