Ethereum Optimism Thief Returns $16M in Stolen Tokens

Share this article The attacker also sent 1 million OP to Vitalik Buterin and retained 2 million tokens as a bounty reward.  Optimism Attacker Gives Back Loot The attacker who stole 20... Read more »

Dogecoin Surges as Ethereum-Compatible Dogechain Gains Pace

Share this article Dogechain is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract network built using Polygon Edge.  Dogechain Gains Momentum  Crypto’s original dog coin is back in vogue.  According to CoinGecko data, Dogecoin’s DOGE token... Read more »

Slaying the Dragonchain: A Tale of Fear and Mania

Key Takeaways Once one of crypto’s most hyped projects, ICO-era startup Dragonchain and its founder were charged today by the SEC for the sale of $16.5 million in unregistered securities. The charges... Read more »

EOS Rallies 24% Ahead of Antelope Rebrand 

Key Takeaways A new tweet from the EOS Foundation implies the project’s long-await rebrand will take place later today. In respose, the EOS token has rallied more than 24% over the past... Read more »

NFT Market Suffers in Crypto Meltdown

Key Takeaways The NFT market is crashing alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum. An increase in wETH trades on OpenSea suggests owners of dominant NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club may have... Read more »

Monero Outperforms After Successful Hardfork

Key Takeaways Monero has deployed a non-contentious hardfork to enhance privacy features. XMR saw its price increase by 6.5% following the network upgrade.  The token has yet to overcome resistance to trigger... Read more »

Decadence and Denial: Reflections on Consensus 2022

Key Takeaways Consensus 2022, CoinDesk’s flagship crypto conference, took place last week in Austin, Texas. The live music capital of the world drew in over 15,000 crypto enthusiasts from across the globe.... Read more »

Bitcoin, Ethereum Show Ambiguity After Volatile Start of the Week

Key Takeaways Bitcoin and Ethereum retraced after having a positive start to the week. To define its trend, BTC needs to close outside the $24,700-$23,460 range. Meanwhile, Ethereum needs to hold above... Read more »

Stablecoin Supply Decreases Over Quarter for First Time in History

Key Takeaways The total supply of stablecoins dropped for the first time in history. CoinMetrics charts show that over $13 billion has been redeemed directly from the treasures of major issuers, including... Read more »

Merge Hype Helps Ethereum Reclaim $2,000

Share this article Ethereum developers set a tentative mid-September launch date for “the Merge” this week.  ETH Breaks $2,000 on Merge Rally The Merge trade is still going strong.  ETH extended its... Read more »