Binance and FTX Face Off—But Which Crypto Exchange Will Come Out On Top?

Key Takeaways Binance founder and CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao revealed Sunday his company would liquidate its exposure to FTX’s FTT token. Zhao’s move may be influenced by revelations that the FTX-affiliated trading... Read more »

Binance’s Acquisition Plunges Market Into Chaos

Key Takeaways Binance’s planned acquisition of FTX has sent markets into turmoil. Tokens backed by FTX and Alameda Research and suffering acutely from the news, especially FTT, which is down about 80%... Read more »

FTX and TRON Have Launched a Highly Suspicious Withdrawal Scheme

Key Takeaways FTX is enabling its users to withdraw their funds, but only if they buy select tokens from the TRON network. These tokens—TRX, BTT, JST, SUN, and HT—are trading at a... Read more »

Crypto’s Volatile Week Continues as Inflation Softens to 7.7%

Key Takeaways Inflation has registered a 7.7% increase year-on-year in October. The figure is 0.2% less than the analyst expectation of a 7.9% increase. The crypto market has bounced on the news,... Read more »

FTX Is Bust and Crypto Is Plummeting. What Happens Next?

Key Takeaways Binance has signaled that it plans to acquire FTX as the younger exchange battles a “liquidity crunch.” Crypto prices are plummeting in the fallout from the bombshell announcement. FTX’s demise... Read more »

Solana Ecosystem Imploding in Wake of FTX Collapse

Key Takeaways The Solana ecosystem is suffering from the recent news and rumors of insolvency surrounding FTX and Alameda Research. SOL is down 45% at the time of writing. Data reveal that... Read more »

Election Day Is Here. Here’s What It Means for Crypto

Key Takeaways U.S. midterm elections are happening today, and the results will be hugely important to crypto. While a Republican win is generally thought to be more favorable to the space, crypto... Read more »

FTT Tanks 28% as FTX Exchange Struggles to Process Withdrawals

Key Takeaways FTX’s FTT token has broken critical support at $21. The downward move was spurred by a loss of confidence in the FTX exchange. FTX users have been withdrawing funds from... Read more »

The U.S. Government Has Over $4.4B in Bitcoin It Could Dump Anytime

Key Takeaways The DOJ announced today that it seized 50,676.17 BTC from a Silk Road exploiter in November 2021. The haul is one of the largest in DOJ history. The U.S. government... Read more »

Solana News Can’t Help SOL Soar. What’s Next for the High-Speed Layer 1?

Key Takeaways Solana made a number of big announcements at Breakpoint this weekend, but SOL failed to react. Solana has faced many challenges over crypto winter, including ongoing outages and a decline... Read more »