Russia to Supply Electricity to Kazakhstan’s Cryptocurrency Miners

Russia is preparing to provide Kazakhstan with additional energy needed to operate crypto mining farms in the Central Asian nation. New arrangements will allow Kazakhstan’s miners to buy electricity directly from the... Read more »

Net Bitcoin ATMs growth drops globally for the first time ever

The domino effect of a prolonged bear market seeped into the Bitcoin (BTC) ATM ecosystem as September 2022 recorded negative growth in global net installations for the first time in history —... Read more »

Lark Davis denies ZachXBT’s accusations of profiteering from his followers by shilling low-cap tokens

Crypto influencer Lark Davis has denied accusations of “pumping and dumping” low-cap crypto projects on his followers in a series of 19 Twitter posts published on Sept. 30. For the sales in... Read more »

UK Regulator: Crypto Firms Undeterred by Strict Regulation — ‘They Know We Have a Good System’

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Britain’s top financial regulator, has revealed that many crypto firms are still seeking licenses to operate in the U.K. despite failing to meet regulatory requirements the first... Read more »

U.S. Regulators Are Coming for Crypto. How Will the Future Look?

Key Takeaways Several recently proposed bills and ongoing enforcement cases could define crypto industry’s future in the U.S. If the SEC and CFTC win their ongoing crypto lawsuits, they could set a... Read more »

Bitcoin price starts ‘Uptober’ down 0.7% amid hope for final $20K push

Bitcoin (BTC) failed to hold $20,000 into the September monthly close as one trader eyed a final comeback before fresh downside. BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView Trader’s $20,500 upside target... Read more »

Bill Aims to Limit Crypto Mining in Kazakhstan Only to Registered Companies

New legislation proposed in the parliament of Kazakhstan will allow only authorized miners to mint digital currency, if adopted. The draft has been designed to comprehensively regulate the industry and reduce what... Read more »

Ethereum losing ground as Solana now accounts for a quarter of total NFT volume

Cryptocurrency research firm Delphi Digital posted a chart showing Solana NFT volume surging, accompanied by the text: “Solana’s share of total NFT trading volume has increased from 7% to 24% over the... Read more »

How Much Energy Do NFTs Use? Less Than You May Think

Key Takeaways NFTs have faced major criticism concerning their impact on the environment. Much of the criticism is rooted in a misunderstanding about how blockchains function. The major Layer 1 blockchains that... Read more »

Nexo-labeled address withdraws $153M in Wrapped BTC from MakerDAO

Disclaimer: This article has been updated to reflect Nexo’s response stating that the fund transfer represents an operational transfer, involving the move of funds from one Nexo address to another. Just a... Read more »